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Is Water To Drink Scarce, Hard To Get Enough Of In Maine?

Maine's water supply is clean, plentiful and for lots of reasons. We are not a dry, arid state. Maine is not over populated with water consumption off the maine7scales. None of the water is sold off to other states like out west. And the frugal nature of most typical Mainers means the water we have is not wasted.

You don't let your kids take half hour showers. And if they were proned to stay in too long and lose track of time, a coin operated timer would be installed.

And a short and sweet "here's your tokens for the week" response would be one creative course of action. Or a stern talking to and explanation of what it costs for the country well pump to continuously run.

Not for fear of running out of H2O. But the principle being "don't waste water". The shower for cleaning up, not entertainment. Usually. 


We get asked lots of questions that strike us as peculiar because of life in Maine being so different than other areas that are over populated. Riddled with concerns, problems we just don't have day in and out in Maine. 

Water in Maine is one of those questions that come up and something we don't think or worry about on a daily basis. We respect and don't waste water or any resource but fear of running out is not a concern in Maine. The mineral rights to the land we are selling go with the property too. Until they discover gas, oil or gold, silver deposits, Maine land includes the mineral rights too. 

The questions that we field daily through emails, calls, visits make us realize we are so lucky, grateful to be in Maine for this, this and this reason. But the long list of what we don't have, the lack of crime, jammed in tight spacing, traffic and its noise, pollution makes us just as happy to live in Maine too. 

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