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Learn About More Than Maine Real Estate Property Listings. The Process Of Buying, Selling, Trading And What The Local Area Is Like. Get That Too And Much More! All Designed To Save Time, Money, To Avoid Hassle.

Lots Of Questions About Maine Before Any On Real Estate Listings.

The office phone rings, email server warms up with questions about Maine, the local area long before any on real estate listings.

The brand new to the area of Maine where the properties are for sale has lots of questions. Needing to be talked about, discussed right up front. maine ducks lake photo

So we produce blog posts to one by one, collectively to thoroughly address those questions.

Videos for the FAQ work well too.

But hundreds of blog post topics on a slew of Maine subjects. Those work best.

For bringing the new to the area buyer of Maine real estate listings up to speed. Sweet, neat, completely.

In small areas of Maine especially, local information is so so important. Because there is not much on line in many areas and the guy or gal googling a topic needs to hit paydirt quickly. Time is money. Both usually in short supply.

 Getting some much needed information on questions that will need to be covered thoroughly on the Maine local area. Before moving on to Maine real estate listings for sale. Prior to kicking tires on current properties for sale in the communities we proudly serve in Maine.

Shooting the breeze in phone conversations often start with a simple "tell me about your area of Maine." Our real estate office in Maine produces local community videos about the area that do way way better job than I can in a conversation. moo maine farm cow photo

But we start the conversation explanation, one by one answering the same common theme of questions.

Before getting the buyer of property in Maine linked up with blog posts, more detailed articles loaded with helpful links.

Plus for a lighter, more up close and personal look at the local area, we regularly post to a Me In Maine blog.

The best way to learn more about what it is like in my neat corner of Maine. To quickly see why I feel so lucky, blessed, grateful to live in Maine. The way life should be and that frankly is getting harder and more scarce to find on the planet. We hear it everyday from out of state buyers looking, hungry for better places to live, work and play. That are safe, clean, fun, family oriented and with lots of space, no crime.

The by far most common questions from our real estate buyers is what about Maine weather.

Then moves on to what about your local hospital, library, do you have a Walmart, and yes. Even "is it dangerous living this close to Canada"? Comes up, asked  a lot.maine mooersrealty map

And no, for the record, no. Being close, just across the International border with our Canadian cousins, relatives is just one more perk, bonus.

Not dangerous at all.

Just one more reason to buy property, to consider investing and living part or full time in Maine.

With a property listing in Maine that is a fit, match, affordable.

It just works. Is what is needed when all is considered by the real estate buyer.

Who has specific goals, a time frame window of opportunity for timing.

But also within a limited budget to spend to get it all lined up. Achieved, pulled off with our help on time.

Because it is in the right price range, type of listing and property location for the out of town, state, country, far away real estate buyer.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730

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