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Maine Town Spotlight | Danforth Maine | Washington County

Maine Town Spotlight | Danforth Maine | Washington County

The Washington County township of Danforth Maine has a population of 629 friendly folks.

Danforth Maine is the northern most town in Washington County and not far from the Downeast Danforth Maine Welcome Signcoastal region of Vacationland.

Aroostook County borders Danforth Maine to the north.

And New Brunswick Canada is the eastern boundary on Grand Lake, Maine top three biggest waterbodies.

Forest City township borders the southeast corner along with Brookton, Forest Township and T8 R3 to the south. 

Weston, Bancroft and Reed Plantation (AKA Wytopitlock) Maine in Aroostook all border Danforth to the north.

And T8 R4 to the west, where Upper and Lower Hotbrook Lake are located are also part of Danforth Maine. Also to the west Danforth Maine is bordered by Drew Plantation, Prentiss Township on the southwest corner. Danforth Maine is one big land area to explore, enjoy.

The US Border Patrol boats ply the lake to patrol the waterfront boundary between Maine and Canada. Eaton Maine, a settlement south of the original Danforth township was annexed to make a larger township. The town was named for proprietor Thomas Danforth. Danforth Maine was incorporated in 1860.


danforthmainetownhallUS Rt 1 and Route 169 are the major highways serving Danforth Maine. The region is served by the Eastern Maine Railway with a Canadian connector.

Lumbering with vast unspoiled woods, timber tracts helped the township of Danforth Maine grow.

Potato farming, growing grain was also a big part of early Danforth Maine's growth. 

The Baskehegan River passes through the township from the lake of the same name to the south in Brookton.

Danforth Maine is served by East Grand School Administration District (SAD) 14, RSU 84 with enrollment of 161 students.  Medical care is provide by the East Grand Health Center. Both facilities are located north of the center of Danforth Maine on US Rt 1.

Grand older homes show the prosperity from being an industrious small Maine town with railDanforth Maine Victorian Homes service, plenty of standing timber, fertile farm soil, lakefront and river waterfront options.

Victorian housing stock in Danforth Maine is a testament to the better days many small Maine independent towns enjoyed.

Before Interstates, Internet, shopping malls hurt the local economy.

In a time when children grew up and stayed in rural farming, lumbering communities like Danforth Maine in Washington County. Raised families and grew old enjoy the four seasons of a vibrant Maine small community.

Machias Savings Bank has a branch outlet serving the Danforth Maine area with a modern new facility that the locals appreciate and utilize. Local lending from a Maine based bank, not decisions made from many states away. Machias Savings Bank In Danforth Maine 

 There is the Hinch Library, a modern fire department in Danforth Maine.

The small town local volunteer organizations are strong, vibrant and Danforth Maine is a great place to grow up, live in.

Maine is the 4th lowest crime state and 46th lowest for FSSR (foreclosure, short sale, repossession) related property transfers.

The Upper, Lower Hot Brook and Grand Lake, along with the Baskehegan river create lots of four season outdoor recreational options.

Hunters, fishermen, snow sledders and ATV four wheelers know the hidden playground that exists Danforth Maine Town Officein the Northern Washington County, Danforth Maine area.

Hiking, kayaking, sailing are also popular tourist attractions here in Vacationland.

Bartlett Funeral Home has served the Danforth Maine area for many years as a family owned business. 

Grand Lake, a popular sportsmen and tourist attraction offers many cabins for weekly stays.

Greenland Cove Camp Ground also features weekend, weekly or season long hook ups for travel trailers, tenting.

Beach front swimming, boating and the third largest lake in the state of Maine make this locationDanforth Maine Fire Department an affordable, attractive spot to spend your vacations.

Come explore, visit and get to know the friendly people, gorgeous surroundings hidden in the Danforth Maine area.

You can easily head in to Canada thru Orient / Fosterville, Forest City Or Vanceboro US Border crossings to add to your stay, vacation, adventure in Danforth Maine.  

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