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Maine Town Spotlight | Dyer Brook ME | Aroostook County

Dyer Brook Maine, a small town located in Southern Aroostook County features incredible long views.

Of Mt Katahdin, the rolling farm fields and woodlots that create one huge sense of space. No heavy traffic, no living in fear of crime, gangs or violence. Just friendly down to Earth people, low cost property listings and four season recreation awaits you in the town of Dyer Brook, Maine. southern aroostook county photo

The last US Census head count in 2010 showed 213 folks inhabit Dyer Brook Maine.

The population increased slightly from the 199 learned in the 2000 census survey results. There Southern Aroostook Community School, part of the RSU 50 system is located in the township of Dyer Brook, Maine.

The RSU 50 was formed in July 2011 and includes the SAD 25 and CSD 9 school districts in Northern Penobscot, Southern Aroostook County.

The Southern Aroostook Community School serves the towns of Crystal, Smyrna, Merrill, Oakfield, Island Falls and Dyer Brook.

The school was built in 1976 at a cost of three million dollars. The K-12 facility overlooks the views Dyer Brook is noted for by all who travel up and down the hills along US Rt 2 that dissects the town. More about the Southern Aroostook Community School history.

 The RSU school system serves a dozen communities. They are Crystal, Dyer Brook, Hersey, Island Falls, Merrill, Moro Plantation, Mount Chase, Oakfield, Patten, Sherman, Smyrna and Stacyville Maine. Centralization to safe on services is what consolidation is all about. Frugal is not cheap living in Maine though. pleasant lake mainephoto

Dyer Brook Maine is level to rolling 38.52 square miles large.

Like most Aroostook County townships, it is one square in the gridwork.

That creates vertical rows of townships and plantations arranged in horizontal ranges. Lower population makes the wildlife happy. The local waterways are respected, kept clean and handed down to the next generation. In as good if not better condition. That is the way of life, the way life should be in Maine.

Maine. A positive attitude of appreciation for the great outdoors. Where we spend most of our time any of the four seasons in Maine. dyer brook me land photo

Dyer Brook's zip code is 04747.

There is one Maine area code, 207 that works just fine connecting to Dyer Brook tin can and string holders.

Most Northern Maine towns are six by six miles square and Aroostook County is a relatively new frontier.

Maine not becoming a state until 1820 makes for a neat, logical survey result in Aroostook County. Everything is squared off, not jagged or confusing with all the towns, organized and unorganized, plantations too being squares or half township rectangles.

Island Falls to the west, Oakfield to the east serves some of the shopping needs of Dyer Brook Maine residents. Houlton Maine, the Shiretown or county seat for Aroostook County is the major health, employment, retail sector for folks needing goods or services in Dyer Brook Maine.

With Interstate 95 passing through Dyer Brook, a quick legal 75 miles per hour trip to Bangor Maine and points south is easy. Canada to the east is not so far away to take advantage of the favorable American dollar exchange rate.

More about Aroostook County.vagowa maine golf course photoRecreational water options create four season fun in the Dyer Brook area.

Pleasant Lake is so close to the south in Island Falls. The Mattawamkeag River North branch goes north and south through Dyer Brook.

Pleasant Lake also has a golf course, a time share resort with facilities to enjoy.  Mattawamkeag, Drews, Skittacook, Spaulding, Timoney Lakes and Shin Pond are all a short distance away from Dyer Brook.

Baxter Park, heading in through Patten Maine to hit the north entrance to the Mt Katahdin region is also a fun day trip to plan with your family and friends. More on Baxter State Park.

Potato, grain, dairy farms and woodlot management is a big part of the employment scene in Northern Maine.farming living in maine photo

So is tourism, plants that make waferboard OSB board, log cabins, Smith and Wesson that manufactures a gun, handcuffs.

Farmers markets and growing your own, selling the rest of locally produced food is part of the healthier way of life in Northern Maine.

Getting more for less, that's Maine. Like the sounds of that? Is it that way where you hang your hat now?

Not store bought, but home grown and real, not artificial. If you are looking for off the beaten path, low key entertainment with four season recreation. Less people, more all nautral, unspoiled outdoor surroundings work for you?

The town of Dyer Brook would be a good place to retire, relocate and invest in if the timing is right.

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