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Maine's Weather, Climate, Topography

Maine's Weather, Climate, Topography

Maine, what about the weather and while we're at it the overall climate, lay of the land Vacationland topography. 

For starters, Maine has four seasons. All offer tremendous outdoor recreational options. Maine, maine31a large state up here in the right hand corner of the country, almost in Canada with lots of weather and climate variations due to its sheer size.

Early spring means higher rivers, streams and lakes. Exciting winter snow runoff conditions happen to get you out on the open water.

The Maine canoe / kayak racing circuit schedule shows a variety of water recreation choices.

Maine summer temperature is a comfortable average 70 degrees. Winter temperature average is 22 degrees. Above zero. (Smile).

Maine, one of the most beautiful states to hike, boat, swim, bike, horse trail ride, photograph. Enjoy one of 2200 lakes or over 6000 Maine water bodies. More on the State of Maine's three biggest lakes. Don't forget 3478 miles of world famous Maine coast line, where steamed lobsters, clams are served to hungry tourists. Over 100 Maine cruise ships park yearly, floating souvenir hunting vacationers ashore. For horse carriage rides around Acadia Park, to see coastal attractions, four seasons jaw dropping Maine scenery. Maine weather is many things!

Maine fall weather offers warm sunny days, cooler nights during the farm harvesting of potatoes, local gardens. The drop in temperature on the both ends of the a Maine fall day cause the leave foliage fireworks of brilliant color.

Maine's growing season averages between 120 and 180 days of frost free temperatures. Memorial Day is the traditional time to get gardens planted, crops in the ground. But Mainers start their seedlings on glass sun porches, makeshift greenhouses to get the jump on local household food production. To produce seedlings to transplant in to their backyard gardens. Fall in Maine is a time to gather wood to cut, split, store and burn over the winter months.

Winters are not a time to hibernate in Maine.

Any one giving you the impression Maine is igloos, dog sleds and blustery all winter long bone chilling temperatures has never been here, lived here. For the record, here's the memo... "Maine has no polar bears".

Snow-sledding, cross country and down hill skiing, ice fishing, pond hockey and snowshoeing are favorite past times during winter. Maine winters are mild compared to some places. In most of Maine except the coastal sections, white fluffy dry not wet snow is the norm. Nothing compares to the feeling of  spending a full day outdoors under a cobalt blue sunny sky.

Filling your lungs with fresh Maine air.

After winter down hill Maine skiing, or snow-sledding, ice fishing all day, then spending the evening in front of a roaring, crackling fireplace. The tail end of winter ushers in maple syrup gathering. Boiling down sap in sugar shack evaporators to create the best syrup you have ever poured on pancakes, corn fritters or ploys.

Northern Maine's Aroostook County is the largest east of the Mississippi River. Largest of the Pine Tree State's  sixteen counties. Nicknamed "The County" or the "Crown of Maine". Offering a level to rolling terrain, topography. Ideal fertile farming soil is found in, throughout Maine. Southwestern Maine regions have more rugged topography that gives us Sugarloaf Mountain in the Carrabassett Valley region.

Mt Katahdin at Baxter State Park is Maine's highest mountain, just shy of a mile tall in Piscataquis County.  The rugged rock bound coastline of Maine is often the one and only image that comes to mind when you ask someone outside of Maine to describe Vacationland. Maine is special but way way more than lighthouses, lobsters, blueberry pie and baked potatoes grown here. Get here quick as you can. 

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