Buying Maine Land

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Maine is famous for lots of land at attractive prices, drop dead gorgeous scenery. Maine Is Land, Water, Low Cost Land

But there are still a few tips. Pointers to keep in mind to make sure the Maine land buying process has a happy ending.

The more Maine land you buy, the cheaper per unit acreage. But if you purchase a smaller sub lot from a larger acreage, make sure to have a title search.

Survey ever done on the Maine property?  

Is it vague and iffy on where the heck the corners are, where the lines run? Yes? Then very thin ice, sleepless nights. Surveys you end up doing after the sale, you pay ten fold with results you won't like. Differing from what you were told, hoped for, expected. You know what "assume" did. Nuff said.

The Maine land title search is important to make sure there are no heirs that did not sign off. That liens on the property are burdocks, lint on that title. Problems you can not see walking the land, looking over the photos, video loops. You don't want to find out later about back property taxes not paid in full or discharged by the municipality where the Maine land is located. Cause now it's your problem. Surprise.

Right of ways, easements you learn about a year after the Maine land purchase not a good situation.

Unless you like climbing court house steps. Lawyers at lots of money per billable hours. If the original property was say 100 acres of Maine land. And five parcels were created that the deeds call for twenty acres in each, where did you come in to this nightmare movie? Which exit?

Without a real Maine Land, For A Log Cabin.survey to determine not just the lines but the acreage quantity of each, if there is a shortage of Maine land, property.

The last guy in for his parcel comes up short.

Gets the smallest piece of whatever is left. Maine is a race notice state at the registry of deeds.

This is the way it works if the pizza property pie is a little short. Overly ambitious in its claim of what actually is the size of the over all land and any sub lot pieces.

Buying Maine land with water frontage and smaller acreages can make the purchase dicey too. Will it soil test for a septic waste water disposal system? Way way more critical on a half acre lake lot than in a 100 acre field or woodlot where the odds it will increase thousands of times. On that Maine lake lot.

Good luck after the land purchase as a soil tester shakes his head side to side, no go.

And no hope of any extra land around it for the disposal leach field. Or if there is a postage stamp of extra land to pump it to, how big a king's ransom is the Maine land owner of this sliver commanding you pay?  Knowing you are in one tight as a drum boxed canyon with no other escape options.

Maine shoreland zoning land use regulations are tighter, stricter and more restrictive to protect our natural resources. 100 foot set back to build, side lines that may be tougher than the state Maine Land With Waterfront...Nice.standards in the township or Land Use Regulation (LURC) Unorganized Township location, jurisdiction. 

If the lot is only 100' deep, you could have built right on the edge of the lake, pond, river, stream, ocean years ago. But not anymore.

Not able to clear more than 30% of the Maine lot.

So suddenly what you wanted to build, the septic, the storage shed and driveway will not fit. The dream becomes a nightmare.

And Maine tree growth tax laws, how does that work with wood lots?

You need to know if the Maine forestry plan to reduce property taxes is up to date. Also does it provide an acre or two for a building site?

So removal of that building spot from the program will not cost an arm and a leg, one of your duplicate vital organs in penalties.

The Maine Conservation Resource Program (CRP) is a soil bank but in for how many more years? Did you have Maine land farming plans for those fields, pastures? Something else than leaving it seeded down, hibernating for up to ten years? All items needing your red crayon check off "X" on the legal pad in yellow with all those important lines to fill. Take very good Maine land real estate notes. We'll help you steer the obstacle course finding, buying, understanding the Maine land purchasing process. It's what we have done for thirty three years. Land in Maine, how big a piece, chunk can we help you break off, buy and enjoy?

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