Hiking ME Mt Katahdin

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Maine's tallest mountain, Mt Katahdin is the center stone, the crown jewel of Baxter State Park.

Just a few feet from being a mile high, Mt Katahdin is a majestic mountain offering a spiritual experience with many trails to hike up Climbing Maine's Mt Katahdin In Baxter State Parkand enjoy. On the top of Mt Katahdin after climbing up Abol or Hunt's Trail, with family and friends that hiked with you, there is not a lot of talking.

Conversation stops among the hikers as the sheer jaw dropping Maine views kick in.

Then the realization that where you are makes after struggling up trails, climbing around rocks and obstacles in your way makes you feel humble, small and pretty insignificant in the larger life scope of things.

You learn about yourself, about life and where you are in it from Mt Katahdin. Or one of the many other trails on elevations part of the Appalachian Trail system up here on the north end of the hiking network.

Mt Katahdin was little slow getting Abol and Hunt trails open this year due to lots of white stuff sugar coating the top of Baxter Park's famous peak.

May 28th those two trails opened to the public after winter hibernation.

When we do other things outdoors. Climbing Mt Katahdin is not a once and you're done affair either. She gets in your system, becomes a habit. Some say healthy addiction.

I say it is an outdoor Maine hiking experience that you introduce your kids early on. Like your parents did with you. Maine camping, packing a picknic basket lunch is a low cost way to vacation too. The meals cooked on an outdoor crackling fire. Surrounded by Maine scenery and wildlife. Conversations you have along the trail hiking. Memories made that do not fade, disappear or evaporate.

There is no bad season to visit Baxter State Park and Mt Katahdin, the other elevations surrounding the famous peak with Knife's Edge on top. Camping Maine parks are one big easy way to vacation. To spend time to reflect and with family, friends in the great outdoors of the Pine Tree State. Up here in the right hand corner of the country. You run in to some famous people in Mane hiking too.

In my job as a Maine real estate broker, I hear from folks in the city who are stocking up on guns, rifles, pistols and ammo because they don't feel safe. Over crowding, pushing shoving does that to a person who gets concrete jungle battle weary. The stress of city living takes it toll. 

Baxter Park Maine PhotoLots of their day to day living is spent worrying about other people, bad people.

Terrible situations to avoid, be aware of and always vigilant. Being on the look out touch spots and shady characters.

For carrying a taser fully charged. With the safety off.

Everyone in the house with tasers plugged in with a line of over night chargers with blinking lights.

Don't leave the triple locked, chain and dead bolt alarm system activated living space without wearing one.

Waiting to slide in to family holsters when members leave the household tomorrow morning. Everyone sleeping, getting ready for another day In homes where security systems and surveillance cameras over night give a false sense of peace, safety. As long as the power is on.

These people I talk to, exchange emails with, meet in person think they need a big shooting iron to defend their families.

No pea shooter. Or taking a knife to a gun fight. To protect their personal and private property from Maine Loons Kayaking A Calm Lake.being messed with, stolen. Those folks clearly don't live in Maine, 4th lowest crime state.

When you're  thinking camping in Maine, leave the AK 47 and AR 15 rifles, all the weapon ammo magazine clips behind.

Bring your cameras not guns to capture, shoot all that Maine has to provide you, to wow the senses.

It's not like this in Maine many other places. We know we are spoiled, very fortunate to have Vacatonland right in our backyard to enjoy any season. 

Maine is a place you have in your heart, that is what is missing in your life. Get here quick as you can to sample all she has to offer, any of the four seasons. And for those thinking Maine winter recreation is non existent, do these folks in the video look cold? Like they are parked on a couch for the months when we have all this new Maine snow to play in? I don't think so.

Make plans no matter what the season to spend some time in Maine, the way life should be. Made with only the finest, most natural pure ingredients and the only thing missing is you.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker    207.532.6573   |    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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