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Life Goes On When The Power Doesn't | Living Off Grid.

Property without power, living off grid in Maine.

And not worried about whether utility lines cause an interruption in electrical service. To some, living without power seems so hard to get the mind wrapped around.

What no juice, no plug in and turn it on? But living off grid does not mean you don't have power. maine farm winter photo

Creature comforts still happen whether there are utility poles dotting the driveway or not.

Or buried along it to serve the residence with an electrical power connection.

For unlimited juice that makes the service meter whirl faster.

The more you tap into and use monthly.

From relocating, moving real estate buyers we get asked alot about the local electrical power providers in Northern Maine.

Along with other FAQ garden variety queries that come over the wire, through thin air or in the mail, office visits.

But for folks that don't want power they purchase, many figure it will limit the number of neighbors too.

Because if no power is along a road or will be in the forseeable future, they are assured of peace, quiet, no having anything spoil the seclusion. One of the main reasons the real estate buyer from a crowded urban area bails out.

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Maine, Full Of What You Love, Free Of What You Don't.

We list, market and sell all types, prices and locations for Maine real estate property listings.

But more important than that, we are pretty excited to do the show and tell about the local communities, small towns in Maine. Share what we love about living, working, raising a family and involved in local community events.

And to help you meat some of the neat people who live here in Maine. Oh sure you will love Mt Katahdin, quaint coastal towns, lighthouse and clean water, deep woods.

But bigger than that is Maine is free of what you don't want.

With the 4th lowest crime, without the gangs, living in fear or jammed in living with just no space. That is not Maine. It is left in your rearview mirror when you cross the big green bridge that connects New Hampshire with the southern most tip of Maine.

Here are one recent videos of a community event, small town home made fun no matter what the season. This one for locally sourced food at the County Co Op and Farm Store's "Taste Of Winter".

Watch others local community videos of Maine to one by one see lots of reasons beside just low priced real estate to attract your move, relocation to Maine.

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Land List In Maine, What's For Sale For Acreage?

Land for sale in Maine.

We list and peddle lots of just property acreage, no buildings. The price ranges cover the full A-Z like the sizes, locations,features of Maine land for sale. Every piece of Maine land is unique, a special piece of the puzzle of others around it. maine sunset tree photo

Just ordered four thousand new Maine land brochures that we can email, ship by snail mail.

Printed brochures have not gone the way of the dinosaur, drive in and hoola hoop.

Folks passing through on hunting trips, snow sledding or whether business or on vacation trips.

Pick up these Maine land brochures for themselves.

Or others, friends and neighbors or relatives back home say make sure you grab me a hand full to study.

Lots of people have the same idea, strong desire to own Maine land.

What is the motivation to buy Maine land? One of the biggest kick in the pants to make the dream into a reality is sheer lack of space where folks live now. Eight out of ten people live in a city with just no space. Or very expensive sold by the inch, not the acre for additional breathing room.

Plus Maine land is way way under valued. Have always thought of Nothern Maine land like a sleeping giant. Especially when you study the national land value charts. See way bigger numbers for less land for sale in the many markets we have peeked at. Or watched the steady upward climb in price tags, sale prices for land acreages.

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Maine Town Spotlight | Mt Chase Maine | Penobscot County

Mt Chase a small community, town near Patten Maine in Northern Penobscot County.

Not many people, more wildlife really. And plenty of wide open woods, crystal clean mt chase maine town sign waterfront recreational options.

Last organized census head count, hands went up from 201 residents in the town of Mt Chase Maine.

Four seasons vacations happen in Mt Chase Maine. Whether snow sledding, climbing the trails of nearby Baxter State Park, fishing Upper and Lower Shin Ponds.

The peace and quiet of Mt Chase offers unspoiled space. Privacy without isolation if off the beaten path is the desire of your heart. If you can stand the sound of quiet only found in rural Maine, not a city.

Wood harvest, lumbering related work, sporting camps for organized hunts of all kinds. That is what puts Mt Chase Maine on the map.

Groomed snow sled, twitched ATV trails to access the areas you can not get to by car or truck. Bring your camera, charcoal and paint easel to capture your experience in Mt Chase Maine in Penobscot County.

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First Time Home Buyer For Maine Programs, They Helped Me!

My first house in Maine, the home buying experience I remember well.

No one forgets the jingle in the pocket sound of the first set of keys to anything right? But this cute corner lot cape home in Maine with the fireplace. Was purchased during prevailing bank interest rates hovering around 16.5% adjustable for a Maine home mortgage. houlton maine home photo

I was lucky to score a 12.25% fixed bank rate Maine State Housing home loan rubber stamp of approval.

Which seemed pretty attractive at the time kicking the property listing tires on homes for sale. Those kind of high cost money interest rates for Maine home  bank mortgages may seem eye brow raising to some in the blogging audience today.

Real estate always sells if realistically priced, promoted with full throttle marketing. There is always a market even though tilted toward buyers, sellers or times of being teeter totter in balance. So when the cost of money is high, the price tags flittering in the wind show lower numbers.

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A Cyber Food Hub For Maine.

You are a grower of produce, organic or otherwise and need a market for your Maine food.

Or you are in the market for wholesale or retail Maine grown food. Wanting a portal to tap into, a Maine food hub for quick and easy for what is raised in Vacationland. maine farm boy photo

A food hub for access to fresh Maine grown vegetable produce, fruits, dairy, poultry or fish products.

Realizing everything operates "just in time" for inventory control. To run a tight ship in business. Which farming is of any size.

Or you provide associated services for the Maine agriculture micro farm industry.

The little farmer who is not set up for distrubution beyond the local community. But could expand his markets with help from an easy to log on, use Maine food hub.

A truck broker who needs loads. Has drivers ready, willing and able to get the Maine food from "A" to "B".He can hang out his shingle on the Maine food hub.

And provide help to this market segmentin his capacity of transportation provider. Even if not a full load that can be with a little coordination.

Or that wants to just have their link. All the essential contact information parked around the edges of the Maine food hub portal web page. To send the signal "we're ready when you are". That we support good Maine raised food businesses of all types, sizes and locations.

Like a ride board, when someone is hitch hiking. A Maine food hub with its thumb out.

And looking for someone else needing, that is going that way too. But just requiring a clearing house one shot stop. Something to bring the two togetherefficinently is needed. So easy with technology now a days.

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When It Is Low Cost Property, Maine Real Estate We List, Sell.

The market for real estate listings is never the same.

Like the weather, it does not stand still. Keeps moving, changing. In the local area, when comparing ours to other markets outside the small Maine communities, there is a big difference. maine rafting photo

Spikes up and down are common on property listings elsewhere.

On what is written on the price tags hanging off the real estate. 

But here, in Maine, our marketing time extends. But the listing prices do not roller coaster way high or down low low. 

In Maine we promote the low cost properties. All the time.

The simple way of life in Maine keeps the audience coming forward. With buyers for rural listings that we put on display for the show and tell. For the sale of all types, locations, ranges of prices to select from for the best fit. 

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Your Average On Hold Time For Real Estate Information Should Be Zero.

Let's face it, no one likes to wait for real estate property information or anything today.

The on the go, overbooked, strapped for time makes late night a common down time for snacking. On cheesos, chips and surfing for information. Answers to questions.  At the end of the day when before The Sandman visits. There is a short window of opportunity to access online what the real estate buyer needs at the moment. maine white water rafting photo

To make the most important, largest investment decision most of us ever make in a lifetime that involves  real estate property listings.

The Internet means faster, complete, sweetly delivered is what works best.

On whatever device the real estate property buyer is wearing for an extension to tap into the signal. Has access to at the moment within his or her reach. Mobile, tablet, lap or desk top, the stream for the media needs to be hot, fresh. Ready to tap into on the buyer's time. Not the real estate professional's 9 to 5 schedule.

So stocking the shelves with helpful blog posts on a variety of real estate subjects are critical for the property listing buyer to be able to help themselves.

On their unique time frame fits and starts, spaces for pause in life. So if a wide array of property listing inventory is hot and ready  to meet the needs of a wide range of real estate buyers. Everyone wins in the connection to cause listings to become closed transactions stamped with a big four letter word. SOLD.

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Shoveling Snow, Opening Up A Path For Real Estate Property Buyers.

It happens when you live in Maine, sell property listings for sale here.

Shoveling snow that gets dumped on a long driveway. One that drifts because out in the country and not much for wind break. pemaquid me light photo

Vacant homes in Maine mean winter showings take a little extra work.

Not dressed in your real estate closing shirt and tie, blazer and spit polished loafers.

No no, rather putting on something layered, to be warm during nippy property listing showings.

Because any Maine real estate agent or broker that has a few winter selling seasons under their belt.

Knows the temperature. Inside an empty home for sale in Maine, unheated means a dead cold.

Do three of those in a row Maine home showings and you are a popsicle.

Takes longer up against a wood stov. To warm your bones. Begin to thaw out from that kind of closed up chill of an empty, no body home house for sale.

We live in the north east. Maine is up here in the right hand corner of the country. Almost in Canada. Have waded up to, well you know how high through drifts and blowing white stuff. Lots of times in 35 years of listing, selling Maine real estate.

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Real Estate Earnest Money Deposit, What Happens To It?

The real estate earnest money deposit that buyers for a property are asked to ker plop down.

When signing a purchase and sale agreement to buy a listing. Money put down in good faith, earnest funds put up as a sign the real estate buyer intends to really buy. No fingers or toes crossed. This is real serious stuff. canoers waiting maine river photo

How much is enough, what happens to the real estate deposit if the property listing closes or not?

There are two parties at least involved in a real estate sale.

Waiting, idle while things happen or not in a real estate sale. The security of a sale with a person the seller may have never met is the down payment, real estate deposit.

The real estate earnest money deposit for starters that is designed to give the property owner assurance that the buyer is really putting their money where their mouth is.

That this offer to buy the real estate for sale should be taken seriously. The larger the deposit, the less long the list of contingencies or delays in getting to the actual real estate closing the better.

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The Transition For Maine Real Estate Buyers Looking Over Their Shoulders.

When a Maine real estate buyer lived out of state and whatever they did not like pushed them to move to the Northeast.

It is still hard to let go and not knee jerk react to the new surroundings in Maine. When the gas station in maine photoproperty buyer is used to mountains of paperwork, permits, delays in getting the simplest of things done.

It is easy to forget Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore but Maine.

It is not like that in smaller sized towns, not so restrictive but simpler living in Maine.

So the part of not locking your doors, friendly people making eye contact and with manners.

To hold doors open for you at the post office, the foodliner. To not suddenly sprout a dorsal fin and the Jaw's music starts up low and under looking for that last parking space.

Because in Maine, help youself, there are plenty to go around. No circling need, turn off the background bed of edge of your seat suspense mood music for added effect.

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See, Talk To The Buyer Of The Real Estate In Maine When Describing Property Listings.

When a property listing in Maine comes on the market, describing it more than adequately is always the concern.

Lots of images, all the detailed property information and a video. But besides the describe the details, it is more important to apply the second step of the property listing marketing. flowers summer in maine photo

To see, talk to the buyer of the property listing in Maine.

To make the direction the marketing is tilted to know that you the real estate agent of broker know the buyer.

See him in the audience and single him out to establish a connection. To make the engagement all about that niche, segment of the real estate buying audience.

So how is this property in Maine going to benefit them?

Make their life better, easier, more comfortable. Or save them time and money because of the location, construction, everything that needs to be pointed out.

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Keep It Simple, Give Them Their Money's Worth | Small Maine Businesses

In Northern Maine, it is all about value, simple living, don't be extravagant in your spending.

Easy does it and your day to day all about moderation. Families in Maine frugally raised with the same approach to do you need it or just want it. loons in maine lake photo

Pace yourself and consider very carefully moves in private spending and in running a business.

Small business in Maine is what the vibrant and often times struggling communities work hard to preserve.

Because if no local economy, last guy or gal leaving town, please remember to turn off the lights.

It is why so important to provide a service or peddle a product that is worth spending money on.

Not overpriced or only a small segment of the audience can spring for it won't keep you in business long. Because being a neighbor or member of the small Maine community is not a guarantee everyone that lives in the burg is going to trade with you.

The rules of business clearly state there has to be a profit for you that only comes when their is a value for the customer. You can sustain a lull in the action, a downturn in a market for a period, and run pretty close to break even for a spell. But unlike government, it is not about deficit spending for long or you go broke.

Because the small Maine business owner will quickly bleed out with out a cash flow to pay his bills. Cease to exist happens if not. Because more red ink than the color black is flowing in the enterprise.

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5 Tips Getting Ready To Sell Your Home.

The home you want, need, think you want to sell, are you ready or not?

To come out from the ranks of rows and rows of houses, the many that are on the MLS listing platform. Like parking lot sharks circling the pools of potential buyers for homes needing whatever you are peddling. houlton maine winter park photo

So five tips in getting ready to sell your home starts with asking yourself one of those heart to heart questions.

Looking the guy or gal you brush your teeth in the mirror with every morning "do you really want to sell your home?"

Because just like buyers, seller's remorse happens. Issues of the personal nature creep up in real estate sales.

And sometimes not until the property owner is right up against the closing date screaming closer and closer.

And in the final analysis, some soul searching, they chicken out. Wave the white flag and retreat back into the home.

The one where the real estate sign is pulled up. Put on its side. Propped against the back of the garage where no one can see it.

Second, in the check off list of getting ready to sell your home involves shifting gears. Mentally if you were the buyer trolling by. The scan of the outside, what they see step by step as they come in from the curb. Or cruise on right by and don't think anything about the home for sale you need to peddle, unload to move on with your life step by step.

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Six Things Real Estate Sellers Expect From Their Agent Or Broker.

Six things a property seller expects and should receive from their real estate agent or broker.

Because listing a property, there  is nothing casual about it. It's the largest investment most people ever make. Selling it is serious stuff. And everything hinges on the real estate listing selling or not. Life is fast, being on hold is not fun and delays are costly. donkey in maine photo

So number one, be honest with me in all our  real estate discussions.

Sitting around the kitchen table during the listing.

The fill in the blanks, always be a straight shooter.

So I can trust you and not get kicked hard later.

Tell me the real value of the property "as is" today. Suggest any worthwhile improvements.

Don't give me a pie in the sky number of what you think I want to hear as the property owner for a real estate sales price figure. To just "buy", to land the listing and put my life on hold tied up with no hope of selling.

Because eventually we will all figure it out on what went wrong.

Where we missed the boat. The property over priced will not sell. It just helps make other properties realistically priced look like even better deals. Drives the attention to the ones wearing the fair price tags swimming in the listing pool.

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Taking Very Good Real Estate Notes, Doing Your Home Work.

When a real estate agent or broker gets the honor and the call to list a property, the wheels of preparation turn slowly.

Start picking up spin speed. It is critical up front to spend the time to intricately know the property listing details. But not just tucked away in back of the memory of the real estate maine woods photoprofessional.

Put on paper, documented with images, video loops that along with maps, plats and floor plans.

What this place is all about better be crystal clear to makes the information transfer 20|20 nothing fuzzy.

For the real estate beehive assembly of the marketing shake and bake to shine brightly online. So each listing, property is allow to get some fresh air and sunlight.

To hit as many prospective real estate buyers out there in the wild blue yonder. Not just locally but far reaching and always available as a real estate and local information portal for the buyer and seller.

But along with making sure none of the MLS input spaces are empty, and adding detail with the not manditory ones, what about the seller?

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Taxi Service In Houlton Maine, Who To Call For A Cab Ride.

For 42 years Lawrence Clark ran a taxi cab for a ride service in Houlton Maine.

His brother Elmer, Bill Barriner, his son little Billy, Ann Colter and Lawrence Clark's two sons Stephen and Richard all took turns behind the taxi cab driving wheel. Taking folks counting on them to Doctor's appointments. To and fro from the grocery store, downtown shopping.welcome to maine photo

Even to buy a jug of spirits or pick up some take out food for delivery to their front step or the rear door.

Sometimes the taxi cab fare for the all the way longer ride to Presque Isle, Bangor Maine to catch an airplane.

Or to haul an Amish party of workers into Canada to do construction jobs.

Or to pull a a horse trailer full of Amish produce to the farmers market in Houlton Maine. Before you started seeing the horse and buggy delivery on their own from Smyrna and East Hodgdon Maine Amish settlements on the open roadways.

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Follow A Maine REALTOR Around, A Real Estate Day Exposed.

Follow A Maine REALTOR Around, A Real Estate Day Exposed.

The Maine REALTOR action packed days that buyers and sellers don't see.

Because the job means making it look easy, not seeing the stitched together seams. The listings for sale in Maine are polished up, put online frim the office that never closes. With the busiest time in our Maine real estate office being 10:30 at night. That's right. Meow. At night things are really heating up and purring nicely.beaver in maine photo

Online real estate blog, video, website logs show that is when the buyers are home from work.

Have the kids in bed, and finally a little property listing surfing time freed up.

To grab the mouse, tap tap the screen. Let's tramp through some houses for sale in Maine online. Or to look over the latest inventory of other property listing types.

All pushed, rushed for the time. To fit in some screen time for the on demand property listing touring before shut eye. That's how it is for your out of town, state, or the country real estate buyer.

Boom boom. The lights go out and here comes Mr Sandman with the handful of sleepy seeds. Good night. But not before touring three or four or more property listing videos or a quick scan of new real estate listings put online for all to see when they have time.

This morning appointments set up yesterday for showings today to a North Carolina home buying couple.

Also checking in on pending Maine real estate sale loose ends. Follow up cattle prodding of the players involved in getting the clear to close instructions everyone is anxious to hear.

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Too Much Lipstick, Too Much Rouge | ME Real Estate Listings On The Trashy Side.

Jerry Jeff Walker, if he was a real estate property listing buyer, he might say he looks for places a little on the trashy side.

Low price, big adventure and up for the challenge surprise of what's wrapped up underneath. Late night sessions burning the midnight oil. Tearing into the place.Going all the way. Pulling it apart and then putting it back together.

To see how far it all goes during the exercise involving something not picture perfect. Missing a few pieces of the property listing puzzle. Absent a tooth or two top and bottom in the wide full grin affected by the gin. mooers realty maine puzzle photo

What it is going to take in transformation of the property listing that is loose as a goose?

Low cost properties in Maine happen all the time.

Nothing new in Vacationland.

But often when the place is trashed, less than white glove clean or ship shape ten hut.

The real estate in Maine buyer can get caught up in the emotion of how did people live like this? How did they begin to raise kids, have holidays, do the day to day like normal people? They didn't. Step away from your frame of reference in the "home sweet home" Toto. 

Distracted, having a hard time taking it all in like a sucker punch of reality just hit them. Taking their eyes off the big lot on the corner with all the potential in the investment. All the good deep down redeeming qualities forgotten in the momentary shock.

Not just finding the obvious faults that jump off the page during the walk through with a clipboard and flashlight. Holding their nose shut. Breathing through their mouth. Wishing they had a major head cold.

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Using One, Not Being One | Drones For Real Estate Video Photography.

Drones in real estate video photography, lots of buzz in the news about the little stealth image gatherers.

The loops and stills of digital photography for real estate drones is a hot topic though. When you think of an agent, broker using a real estate drone in a congested area, not good thoughts fill the head. drews lake aerial drone photo

Planes leaving an airport or visiting one when a drone gets in the flight path.

Luckily Northern Maine is not a busy "fly the friendly skies" kinda place.

Less people, less planes and the use of a real estate drone aerials for the expansive land in Maine we list and sell works.

Concern about invasion of a drone buzzing overhead and the privacy of a neighbor goes away too.

On a large Maine country acreage, in a township barely earning a dot on the map.

There are no neighbords whose privacy gets compromised or invaded, violated. Just woods surrounds many of the Maine real estate listings. No people to bother, no one to spy on and the flight mission is solely collect the up up and away of the real estate listing from the air.

Drones can show the out of state real estate buyer the back forty acres as the four props whirl and twirl. The sound like a bunch of mufflered angry hummingbirds or some bees ready to swarm.

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