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No That Won't Work, Back And Forth To Gain Property Access.

Let's face it, your real estate property buyer of today is extremely busy.

And if delays happen in getting information, gaining access to a listing for sale, he or she loses interest. Gets turned off. Because when the time to show the place is wrong for the owner or renter. When a day's notice or more causes delays getting into to tour the property listing, that is not helping the chances for a sale. video camera real estate equipment photo

To avoid the back and forth with everyone involved in the real estate triangle for missing information or physical access,  there is a simple solution.

Delivery of the property details with a video presentation.

Available any time, day or night.No matter what the weather or time zone.

Real video, full motion and with an audio bed to add more details.

The audio is forty percent of the real estate video connection, engagement.

There is an approach to real estate video to make them easier to shoot, edit, produce, upload.

And not just for your most expensive property listings either. For all of them in every price range, location, type. So sure, it is the busiest time of the real estate day at 10:30 PM. Videos are all cued up, ready to roll.

Waiting for the toggle and the other end of the signal to sit back. Watch, listen, learn about the local community. About all the property listings, the real estate for sale in the area. One after another toured.

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Rental Properties In Maine, Buying Apartment Houses, Renting To Family.

To some the thought of owning rental properties in Maine, any where in the solar system is chilling.

You would have to be off your rocker to consider such a real estate investment. But you don't hear about the good landlord tenant relationships that are the norm. When you ask questions, know about the history of the renter, their past. court house moon maine photo

The good, bad, the ugly if known helps sort out the who pays, who stays. Who don't, who won't.

Credit and history of destroying their last three apartment units, police records about harrassing the other tenants is all part of being the cub reporter. Making calls, asking questions.

Not letting the first person who calls automatically be the next in line to rent.

Background, like a car fax, a property title search, a face to face interview, a credit check is needed to make long, lasting rental arrangements that work.

The kind of buy, rent, pay off the place apartment house stories that have happy endings. Let the property pay for itself, income generate with you the landlord keeping the place up to snuff. And not as the Maine expression "see the place get all stove to heck." Because you did not do your home work about renting to any Tom, Dick or Harry.

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How Long Is A Real Estate Appraisal Good, Valid For?

The call to the real estate office and asking if there is a current appraisal on the property?

Not unless someone refinanced recently, paid for one to be done to evaluate an estate. Or just peeled off the bills, the money to know what the place is worth today. Here and now. To satisfy the I want, need to know for the inquiring mind. Needing an accurate  number.

And when the appraisal for real estate property is done, there is a time bomb that starts ticking.

Valid because it reflects the last six months to a year filter slice study of properties like it. Sold and for sale both under the microscope. The current real estate market which changes. Because, well it is a market. Like the ocean that swells, ebb and flows.loons maine lake photo

So okay. But what if you have an appraisal done in the last year, will a bank accept that in financing a sale of a home?


How come? Because the bank orders the appraisal, thank you very much.

You don't bring one in off the street.

The guy or gal doing the valuation is given orders by the financial institution too.

Everything is done with quality standards in place. Not every appraiser is in the stable of the ones used by the bank either. 

Plus when the appraiser did the paperwork assessment for the bank.

It is not to be used for other purposes, given out to other people to study or benefit from without proper release authorization. Even though that makes some people sqawk.

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Fix Up The Old Real Estate, Build Or Buy A New House?

The property where you live, and what to do when a change is needed to improve the housing.

Putting yourself in a good position to be happy either way it goes, no matter which direction you go in. (Cue the Clash song about "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?") Is it maybe best for you to speed dial, line up, automatically call the tradesmen?

Or to simply start watching the You Tube DIY series. On how to use the business end of the hammer videos. To "git 'er dunnn" as Larry would suggest when opportunity knocks.kiss both sides boy girl photo

Maybe hold your house horses partner. Just  better to just get the place, the home listed for sale?

On the local real estate market with promotion far far outside the community where it is parked.

Then turning around when the "SOLD" ride appears on the real estate sign on one side of the housing equation.

To slap a "Sale Pending" one on another bigger, more feature rich property new to you on the other end of the kiss and tell advertising that worked.Like marketing lightning hit twice.

Buying the Maine land, building from scratch is the most expensive remedy.

But hopefully you get exactly what you want. But those that went that route with the nail gun and table saw, all that saw dust will be the first to tell you. Lots of what they would have, should have done differently. And moan about the added cost of areas they did not realize spring up all over the construction site building process.

What's a pitless adapter again and what do you mean we hit ledge?

And why is suddenly are all the drivers of pickup trucks with the door signage parked around the construction site asking "where is my wallet"? To open wide and say ahhhh.

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The Highest And Best Property Price, When Here Comes An Offer.

Face it, the lowest possible price for real estate,  just about anything you buy is on the mind.

Because how you run your household personal finances is much like staying in business. The bottom line in what you need to keep out of the red. Male, keep that figure just as pitch black shaded as you can right? judges music festival scoring photo

Your profit is in the expenses, the careful spending thinking kicks in.

So with real estate, isn't there always a certain tried and tested percentage to skim off the top?

Looking for the coupon code to dial in. Drop in the slot when everyone is gathered around the real estate check out register.

Waiting, wondering, wanting to make an offer on the real estate but how do you know?

What is the lowest possible number the seller of the real estate listing is willing to accept? Not necessarily be hand stand happy about the figure. But will mutter after a little time and consideration. Weighing the pros and cons. 

"I'll do it. Not thrilled about it for the record but this number, the contingencies surrounding the purchase and sale property price all smashed together works for me."

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Buying, Selling, Renting, Financing, Moving | Real Estate In Maine

Over the holidays people gather, have some family time to discuss important life decisions involving somehow real estate.

Buying, selling, renting real estate in Maine. Or how to get financing, orchestrate the move associated with real estate transfer of property listings. hero cat in maine photo

So what needs to be done, how's the process work?

Well we have done blog posts on mistakes buyers make in real estate sales.

Not because the buyer is not smart, not well intentioned.

But the mistakes real estate buyers make is like most things in life.

No experience, maybe not adequate guidance in the purchase of a Maine property listing.

That's the reason for slipping, sliding as it becomes more complicated in the process of buying a home, other type of real estate in Maine.

Sellers of real estate in Maine make mistakes too. More than plant a orange and black for sale sign stapled to a wooden vampire stake in the front lawn. Marketing, what improvements pay dividends or nothing at all. Maybe hurting the value because of the diminishing returns on the expenditure.

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Not How's The Real Estate Market In Maine, But Where Is It.

Did a blog post recently on another channel we weed, feed and water about how's the market for property listings sales in Maine.

This how's the Maine real estate market report can be downloaded by double clicking here. cow flies on maine farm photo

But the bigger question when asked in the aisle of a big box store.

Or at a convenience store check out line, little league game. 

Is not how is the market for Maine real estate today.

But where is the hot spot, where is the dead zone and why.

To share in the conversation with whoever you bump into that asks. The all important questions around what I have done for 35 years. Working through all kinds of economic scenarios.

In all different market conditions for real estate listings, sales in Maine.

So besides which type of real estate listings, sales results the conversation eventually gravitates to the plot always thickens. When someone wants to buy a farm land in Maine or wooded acreage listing. Or waterfront second home for vacations in Maine property. We have to have a little talk shop about supply and demand.

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The Local Real Estate Buyer May Become A ME Home Seller, Is Creeped Out.

The expression "your best neighbor may just be no neighbor" is an easy to remedy situation in Northern Maine.

Simple to accomplish in rural Aroostook County. One of the northern most counties or country locations in Vacationland.

The low population makes it easy to get away from people if wide open space is what you seek.cows barn country photo

Less people per square mile can remove lots of obstacles if being neighborly, social with those around you is not the plan.

Heading to the country is easy in Maine.

It is only a half mile in any direction from the center of most small Maine towns.

Had a property owner in Houlton Maine call today and lament he has a creepy neighbor.

This real estate home seller to be was not thinking of planting a property for sale sign in his front yard.

Until the new neighbor came on board.

Rolled into town. That made him realize what a good neighbor he had to his Houlton Maine home before he did unload the moving truck. Prior to relocated here to "The County".

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Events, Schedule Of Houlton Maine Activities.

What to do for fun, the events schedule for Houlton Maine, Southern Aroostook County is always a long as your arm list.

Loaded with activities for all ages. In a wide range of options for what to do in Houlton Maine. Had done an earlier Houlton Maine what to do for fun blog post. But this is houlton maine christmas town photomore specific to this late fall, early winter in the Shiretown area of the Crown of Maine.

The John Millar Civic Center, Ice Arena has round the clock hockey games for SAMHA and the Blackhawks.

We don't hiberate winters in Maine. No polar bears live here.

Call the arena at 207.532.1313 for more information on the hours of skate rink operation. To know of public skating hours that offer lots of exercise.

Something different than channel surfing on the tube.

Or texting "what are you doing? Nothing. What are you doing? Zip". Back and forth. Turn off the device, push yourself off the couch and grab your hat, gloves, winter coat. We're heading out to all that is going on out and about, around Houlton Maine.

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Tips, Things To Do In Houlton Maine For Fun.

Things to do for fun in Houlton Maine, tips and suggestions on ways to spend your time in the Shiretown.

Southern Aroostook County is the perfect backdrop for outdoor recreation any of the four seasons. So the tips start out with a link to many helpful resources for the brand new and well travelled alike. That find themselves lucky enough to be tooling around the Houlton Maine 4th in houlton maine parade photoarea.

Variety is the spice of life, and not knowing your particular pleasure points, here are a few Houlton Maine area suggestions.

And it is always easier to show and tell, take you to the event.

Rather than try to formulate words, sentences to try to do justice to the event.

Watch a video on the Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum in Littleton Maine.

Enjoy one heck of a meal if you time the tour correctly. Anytime you hit the open house walk through of the yesterday days of farming exhibits in Aroostook County. If the skilled cooks have the aprons tied on. Happen to be hard at it in the country kitchen at the museum.

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Building A Home In Maine, You Need Some Land For Sale Right?

Building a home in Maine, for vacation or full time use on your own piece of land.

Maybe you are settling into retirement mode. Or the home designed to create the family space in a place to hold that quivver of kids you bring into the World. parade in maine kid photo

That share your unique DNA. And like anything that grows up to be healthy, big and strong, needs to be guided.

To foster all the good elements to mix in, add to the child raising miracle experience.

For happy kids that still are as adults.

For the supportive environment, well thought out tailor made surroundings picked for the new built from the ground up Maine home.

Of sticks and bricks, the just so perfect orientation on the property acreage. To call your home sweet Maine home one a kind. That you built on just the right for you land, a new house paired with it in a classic blend.

What to look for or consider buying Maine land?

Well if it is long range, easy does it owner financing the Maine land might be needed. Before spreading out the blue prints of the Maine home in your head to make a reality on the property. Life is all about the timing. Juggling the many elements in the day to day. 

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What Real Estate Agents, Brokers Don't Like To Hear.

The answer to why is my house not selling?

Lots of factors swirl around the property listing, the skim milk marketing, the sky high pricing. And the overall process getting to a real estate closing.

What are some of the statements, questions heard by real estate agents, brokers that serve as red flags?houlton maine downtown photo

Unqualified home buyers that don't know it or are in denial.

Don't want to talk about it. Stone wall, Quakers Meeting has begun.

When a home buyer first makes contact with a real estate office. And when asked about financing, if he or she is pre-approved if not paying cash.

They can get upset. Darn right uppity.

And respond with "why do all you real estate agents, brokers ask that same question!"

"About are you pre-approved, and for how much, which program?"

Ah, because it helps guide the process to get to the closing. You are shopping, but are you ready, willing, able to buy today? If not okay, let's browse, get you up to speed on the process to be in the driver's seat to buy a Maine home.

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The Real Estate Listing Price Bounces Up, Down, Sideways.

The buyer in the Maine real estate audience follows along, or tries to and wonders.

Scratches his head when the listing price of a property for sale goes up, down, sideways. Often the agent or broker has to rein in the spending. The stuff the owner victorian turret home in maine photoalways wanted to do and is certain it will make the property worth more.

Fetch a higher price and sell way way quicker.

So pricing the property listing for sale realistically going in and along the way.

Then  being pro-active, to adjust the sticker to reflect blips in the current market.

That evolves along the rabbit trail that ultimately leads to the real estate closing.

You hope. That means price it right, don't keep adding on and taking away like the Maine ocean tide going way in and way out. Like an accordion. For a bunch of reasons.

The buyer follows the Maine real estate market. Sellers do too. Now you see it and when the listing price escaltes, now you don't. The filtering, slicing and dicing that are plugged into the array spit out from the media streams all use the same science.

When the property that has the buyer's interest, caught out of the corner of their eye on the many, starts to wonder. Form a conclusion that it must have sold, be put under contract. So forget about it, like a girlfriend that is history and moved on or you have stopped the relationship.

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Buying A Maine Farm, What To Look Out For With Property Listings?

You've had it up to (hand held over your head) this high with living in too small surroundings so putting the city in the rearview mirror as you look for a Maine farm for sale.

The thought of being surrounded by open space, under the star filled sky. And not jammed tightly in the shadows next to towering skyscrapers anymore.But being self sufficient and depending on your own wits to stay on that Maine farm is a little scary. But exciting at the same time. farming living hay field photo

So buying a Maine farm, what to look for as you kick the tires on the property listings for sale?

The number one consideration is timing.

Is this working a patch of dirt, securing some Maine farm land a long range plan?

Or ready or not, here we go to take the plunge today?

If the target date for the moving, relocation to Maine is a few years down the road, maybe just land in Maine for sale is the goal. No buildings to insure, maintain, or rent out if that option makes your stomach a little queasy, uneasy. Construct  from scratch and one by one adding to the farm in Maine building collection may be the route you want to take.

The size of the budget to buy a Maine farm is at the top of the list for consideration too.

What type of farming and does it involve critters, crops or both? Does the farm in Maine for sale have waterfront features for irrigation or recreation? And resale benefits that hoist the value of the property listing should you decide selling it is needed.

The location like buying any home is key when you consider the family members you raise, bring along to live in that Maine farm property too. Too far from town shopping, schools, hospitals amd wasted time, gas and added frustration to the flow of the day happens right?

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Real Estate Mortgage Calculators | Figuring The Cost Of Money.

What is my monthly home loan payment going to be means real estate mortgage calculators need to be handy.

Are one valuable tool in figuring out what I can afford as a property buyer.

Calculators for real estate purchases to try juggling the mortgage numbers.

Before buying and one by one taking a looksie at the scenarios. The what if I put this much off the top for a down payment? To shorten the years on the mortgage by this amount. maine river land photo

And if I can shave a half a percent from this lender, what does that trickle down to do in helping the bottom line?

What does that all percolate out to for a monthly house payment when you plug in, punch the numbers?

We all know the higher the interest rate, the less house or other property listing that the buyer is going to be considering.

Low rates mean more buying horsepower. Plain and simple.

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Real Estate Buying, Selling Is All About The Timing.

Timing is everything in life, in real estate buying and selling.

The reality real estate shows make it look slick, quick, easy peasy. But like dating, it is all about timing. If you are single and meet someone that happens to be too, cool. But in real world shake and bake, it is about coming along at the right time and being available. Ready, willing and able. For the show time, here we go.watson-ext1

It is often way way easier to get a buyer into a new Maine home or other property if everything is not nailed to the floor.

With the "have to sell what I already have" before moving on to a new listing condition.

To make the property my own means some day out there.

Home sweet home in most cases takes time. But the hunger, desire improves the taste. That is where we come in as the middle man in the real estate buying, selling, sometimes trading.

So if a bridge loan from a home mortgage underwriter at the Maine bank is not possible, we wait.

For the property you already have on your plate to be pushed off it. Taken care of to clear the way for a new helping of house listing. Please and thank you. But we still browse, search, filter and suggest. Keep that real estate conveyor belt of listings buzzing, rattling and humming for all to see in the online / offline media platform display cases.

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Incomplete Real Estate Information, Skimpy Works With Clothing.

Real Estate Videos.

Because less clothing, raised eyebrows and attention happens.maine beach photo

But with real estate, too skimpy real estate information put online frustrates those out in the Internet audience.

There is no place for this stall in the connection, the real estate what's it all about.

Delay, teasing, incomplete information details on the biggest investment most ever make.

That is not a good situation.

When you think about it, many tour a property, real estate listing once and when they double back to do it again like Steely Dan sang, we're done.

Folks are busy and need you to spell it out quickly, easily.

All the time.

It is not a case of meeting the real estate buyer half way. Or expecting them to track you down on the 9 to 5 time frame of a real estate office Monday through Friday.

No No. On tap, ready to go and to hop out of the steam table to serve up on a moment's notice. That is what buyers of real estate expect. Sellers of property listings too. Give them what they want.

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Local News Where You Live Works Best Right?

When you need local news, you turn to the neighborhood sources around you.

Reporting is done in your own backyard where it happens. Not the news from a local area many moons away. Things roll differently in other parts of the World. 

So you get your news feeds locally.boat harbor photo

Scan the World and national events. But local is well, local. What you tap into to stay in the know.

Unless you are from a far away community and keep the old local connection burning.

Checking in periodically or getting an out of town newspaper delivered, going online to stay in the know.

When you are moved far away from the old home town. But she keeps pulling at your heart strings.

Local news in one area is vastly different than another.

Weather is not the same, the population, trends, crimes, everything is not carbon copy. Because we don't live in one giant sandbox where everything shakes out the same. Identical twins are rare, so are  the odds of two areas moving, grooving to the same exact 5,6,7 and 8 daily dance steps.

Add to this unique community surroundings we all enjoy, that the media likes to reduce everything down to one big same general  story.

Like trying to make a weather forecast apply to the entire country. Which does not work well.

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"As Is" In Real Estate Listings, What's That Really Mean?

The real estate listing in Maine is advertised in bold capital letters with "as is".

Mentioned in the property listing blurb that what you see is all you get. Often like a car being sold wholesale to the public. Off the lot just as it rolled onto it.

Under it's own power or towed, hauled in on a swinging hook or ramp truck to tilt, dump.

To take it's place. Parked amoung the other iron horses scattered in rows around the vehicle sales paved lot.

The term in Maine real estate "as is" can create an audience anxious to buy because of the cow longhair photolower price than normal. But reminders about why so low has to be kept center stage, in the fore front of any, all discussions.

There is a reason.

Like the car with a bent frame, that's been under water, has accident damage sold "as is".

The property listing low price comes with a reason, with this certain territory of less than perfect real estate offerings.

Neglected, abused, damaged. Something is making this property listing less than stellar. Parked on Misfit Island. 

One where there are lots of properties with loose ends, labeled odd ball.

Some known and disclosed issues and others you take your chances. The Maine expression is "it's hard telling without knowing Bub". Sometimes you can not see what is good, bad, ugly.

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