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Maine Real Estate Sales, Work Arounds, Problems That Pop Up.

Real estate sales in Maine, the roadway from listings to closings has delays, detours, problems to work through.

That going in you expect could happen but hope they don't just the same. It is never fun, good news to deliver, to let the seller of a Maine property listing know we have a title problem. Or a surveying issue has come up from the title search. maine kids working together photo

The line problem you bring up where the seller says "Oh yeah. Forgot to mention during the listing that situation existed with a bordering property owner dispute years ago. And about those two right of ways not mentioned in my deed too."

You groan, dust yourself off. Work through it together. Sometimes when neither the seller or the neighbor know the true location of a line.

Because the hedge row, rock wall or gravel pit esker, horse back is long gone, removed. Then we try the how about this is the line and each side sign, notarizes a release deed for anything they own on the other side. To define the line best.

Then a surveyor shoots, marks the coordinates of that agreed, crystal clear line location. The paperwork is all recorded, put in the archives of the local Maine registry of deeds.

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First Time Home Buyers, Can You Afford To Buy A House?

Like most things in life, before the purchase the question needs to be asked "can the first time home buyer for a Maine home afford to buy?"

If around the buyer he or she, they see one by one Maine homes being listed left and right. Then witness the change loaded truck phototo sale pending, quickly to sold. It is easy to step up.

When they think they heard the word "next!".

And move along in the line to have the first time Maine home buyer's set of keys to their own place.

Cause it's crowded, they need their own place. It is time to stop sharing space.

So should I rent or buy a Maine home and the timing of when to consider either.

Our real estate office fields lots of inquiries about "rent to own Maine homes".

Buying a place with seller financing help that happens with Maine land. With houses involved, not so much. Because the current Maine home mortage holders get upset. Plus the time to pull off the pay as your go, rent with option purchase is way way too long for most sellers. Who want, need to replace the Maine home with another wherever they are headed on the globe.

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Maine Beavers, They Can Be Your Best Or Worst Friend.

In our Maine real estate sales, we run into beavers.

Just going about their business and busy as a well, you know. Beaver. Not everyone feels the same about beavers who you would think show up on the list of varmits to maine beaver photoavoid. To have to remove from your Maine land.

But consider you are a farmer in Lee Maine.

You have a dry summer and your plants need water badly. And if you had a Maine farm pond to use in the irrigation, that would mean bigger crop.

Saving the day for the farming operations.

To end up having plants to even harvest in the fall in some cases of drought.To give those thirsty shoots and sprouts some much needed moisture. When even the best rain dance summer gyrations end up with nothing wet from the clouds above.

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Getting Ready To Sell Your Maine Home.

Like most things in life, being prepared, getting ready applies and the same is true for your Maine home sale.

You have to take steps first before unveiling the property listing to the public. Prior to mt katahdin maine photoputting your house on the market.

Making sure the Maine home for sale is up to snuff.

Ready for the show and tell. First, before the exposure starts and folks spread the word about the place.

Good or bad.

Just living in a property is one thing but raising the bar to a level higher for the attraction of a home buyer's walk through satisfaction is so very necessary.

Not saying folks run loose ships as far as cleanliness, housekeeping. But the little odd jobs from the job jar that are lingering, growing in number need to be all caught up.

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Real Estate Buyers, All Say Same Thing.

Real estate buyers are like you and me, busy people.

And from my industry experience of 34 years I hear the same remark over and over. maine sailboat photoUsually because of earlier frustration, they just want information and feel teased. Put off. Delayed.

Or realize some websites, agencies too are just low fat, no food, where's the beef. It happens too often.

Maine real estate buyers don't want to snack, wait, have to remember ot call during business hours.

The new real estate professional's office is online, never closes. Has to be easy sailing. The buyer wannabee not feeling stuck, dead in the water. And like a buffet, now we're talking is what the real estate buyer mutters, smiles. Eyes water in a good way, mouth too. Finally.

As he or she wearing their jammies late at night figure it out. They have come to the right online beehive.

Boatloads of images, real estate videos buzzing, maps, surveys, aerials and helpful time saving links. All over the place. Complete details. The nitty gritty, the features. Like a new car build and the passenger side rear window sheet of what this baby is all about. What it has for options, is under the hood.

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Does Winter Weather Slow Real Estate Sales?

The Maine weather forecast gives folks something to talk about.

When you live, work and play in a Northern climate, weather happens to work around. I maine winter horses photohave found videos for real estate are so versatile because they do the show and tell.

No matter what time or day or night, the weather or time zone the Maine real estate buyer is in.

But when the weather forecast for Maine is confused for other areas not so use to snow, that can hurt our area.

Because the assumption that what is happening many states away for weather is the duplicate situation where I live. This Maine winter lots of areas have been pounded, socked in with more snow out of state. That we wished we had in Maine because it is part of our local economy. Part of the climate, weather in Maine we look forward to and enjoy.

For Maine snow sledding, down hill and cross country skiing.Ice fishing, spirited pond hockey games. Hard to have those winter carnivals, sled sliding parties and mid winter community celebrations of winter without the white stuff.

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Maine Winter, Ice Fishing, Snow Shoeing And Sledding.

Maine winters are not wasted, natives are still outdoors like the other three Vacationland seasons.

Not in t-shirts and wearing warm layers on their bodies. Mittens or gloves, hats, boots and neck warmers. But not ice fishing in maine lake photo trapped indoors waiting for spring.

No sir. The fresh winter air, cobalt blue cloudless sky and sunshine brightness clears your head.

Gives you clarity and greater awareness.

It is quiet on a Maine lake in winter.

The two legged snow birds have flown the coop.

Don't do snow shovels anymore or never did.

As you replenish the feeder for the winged ones that stuck around, you hear something.

The buzz of the Maine state game warden's snow sled.

Making the rounds.

Checking the ice traps, fishing licenses. Eyeballing the catch.

Just doing his job outdoor description.

Letting this lake's Maine sportsmen know how the other waterbodies are producing. What's being pulled out. Fishing results happening on other Maine lakes and ponds.

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Real Estate Blog Posts Cover A Lot Of Topics.

Real estate blog posts, the subjects to cover mean lots of stops on the information highway.

To visit the needed topics associated with the listing, selling Maine real estate listings.victorian maine home turret photo Because like a giant super store, it is more than one department being promoted.

The shelves stocked are for as many shopper's needs as possible.

So besides real estate property listings in Maine, our blog posts are sometimes revisits of earlier ones.

Where an update on a post is needed. And it is just time for more information.

Much like the news reporter who announces "this just in" or "here is a follow up on an ealier report". Building trust, adding details that were not available at press time. Or keeping the audience abreast of new developments. That change the landscape.

Real estate is an industry like most that has become more technical, highly developed. In the last 34 years I have seen lots of changes, new ways to list, market, sell property listings in Maine.

We all reinvent the way we do the day to day at the local Maine agencies. And getting the word out means regular blogging about how to keep the process going. On lots of Internet online platforms. To explain the behind the scenes. To help set reasonable expectations for everyone in the property listing transacton. Finding ways to keep real estate sales in Maine alive. Or to know it's the end of the road because of this, this and yes, that too.

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Buying, Starting A Small Maine Farm, Dealing With Dirt.

Starting, buying a small Maine farm, you have dirt in your veins.

Maybe farming is in your background. Or just a new desire to till the dirt, grow anything, raise something on those pastures. That notion may have started from days growing up back on your grandparent's farm spread. And you are just waiting for the right time in your life to become a Maine farmer, farm warning photoproducer, grower.

But not like the old black and white television show Green Acres.

We're being serious. This is not a joke, for the at home or studio audience laughter.

And a major move, for you and your family.

A big departure from your typical job description to date you have typed out on your pretty impressive resume to date.

Time to loosen up that pin stripe tie, remove the diamond cufflinks.

Unbutton that top one on the collar of your monogrammed tailored just for you dress shirt.

Two camps surround you in your Maine farm notion in the circle of old friends in your urban setting.

Those that think you are crazy with this notion of buying, running, making a living off a Maine farm. The other half excited, dreaming right along with you but stuck behind.

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Starting A Small Maine Farm, Dealing With Dirt.

Starting a small Maine farm, you have dirt in your veins.

Maybe farming in your background. Or the desire to till the dirt, grow something, raise something on those pastures. That may have started back on your grandparent's farm spread. And you are just waiting for the right time in our life to become a Maine farmer, farm warning photoproducer, grower.

But not like the old black and white television show Green Acres.

We're being serious. This is not a joke, for the at home or studio audience.

And a major move, for you and your family.

A big departure from your typical job description to date you have typed out on your pretty impressive resume.

Time to loosen up that pin stripe tie, remove the cufflinks.

Unbutton that top one on the collar of your monogrammed tailored just for you dress shirt.

Two camps surround you in your Maine farm notion in the circle of old friends in your urban setting.

Those that think you are crazy with this notion of buying, running, making a living off a Maine farm. The other half excited, dreaming right along with you but stuck behind.

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Things To Consider Building Your Home In Maine.

You are toying with buying Maine land, building a brand new home.

Congratulations! Excellent! Finally getting just the house you have dreamed of Snow Shoeing On Maine Land Photoalways owning on your own property, land in Maine.

What to consider when building a Maine home?

Well for starters, unlike when you purchase a place constructed by another, and sort through the undo, redo, make do.

To revamp the house to make it more to your liking, you have a clean white canvas with new Maine home construction.

When building a home on Maine land where there never was one.

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Five Mistakes Maine Home Buyers Make.

Five mistakes Maine home buyers make that hurt or derail the property sale.

Number one is going shopping and expecting to buy when no one brought in the maine home living room photobanker upfront  that is needed at the Maine real estate closing. Unless a cash sale situation.

If not bank loan pre approved, not in a position to buy, browsing is great, part of the "home work".

But getting excited, telling your Mom, Dad and all your family and friends you are buying a Maine home is cart before the horse thinking.

Maybe you are just not ready. Timing is everything in life, real estate buying and selling too. Find out up front. Going in.

So number one for mistakes Maine home buyers make in buying a house is not being sure they can actually purchase.

Just not ready. With loose ends fixed first. That stall, delay, derail the let's buy a Maine home today.

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If Listing, Selling Maine Real Estate Was Like Playing Hockey.

If listing, selling Maine real estate was like the day to day of a NHL hockey player, the description of how it is done would be fun to follow.

The testimonials would be not just thank you's for sensitivity in our Maine real estate blackhawks night hockey photosale.

Or about going the extra mile in this or that way that meant a lot to the buyer, seller or both.

But hand written notes and emails that had a sport writer's twist on the real estate play by play.

With passion for the sport of ice hockey but applied to Maine real estate sales.

With "you played big for your size, saw the real estate ice well" and "covered more than your share of the real estate rink".

"Your head swiveling to scan, study and know the next series of property listing sale moves before they were put into play." And "anticipating what needed to happen before it required the TLC attention."

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Market Report For Maine Real Estate Listings, Sales.

Market reports for Maine real estate listings, sales can be dry and boring as heck.

Unless you are a buyer or seller of a Maine property listing. And suddenly are Maine Lake Boat Photoall ears.

Extremely interested in knowing what is the temperature of the real estate market around you, down state, out of state.

What's the water like?

Then all the print out Maine real estate listing, sales data, details all help explain what is happening and why the delay.

How fast property in Maine sells or not. Maybe tied to the price on the property not reflecting the current market conditions.

Other factors like your place looks like Stephen King made a movie there. Won't pass muster with secondary mortgage market loan requirements.

Lots of factors a qualified real estate professional can diagnose accurately. To help put your finger on the many causes, variables. 

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Making Real Estate Videos, Why Do It?

Hands up, who agrees real estate videos done right are the most memorable, easy way to do the show and tell?

Okay, you can all put your hands down. Thank you. But ask real estate professionals youtube video logowho watch, listen to videos in their online search for knowledge how come they don't weed, feed and water their own platform.

Eyes go south. The room goes silent.

Conversation lulls, is broken.

But after the uncomfortable, pregnant pause, survey says... (ding ding ding).

No good reason for not having real estate video be the star marketing player on their dug out bench actually. That's the hand's down consensus.

So some basics to highlight. To set the stage for your entry into a beefed up video presence in your marketing.

Don't think you are the witty one, the star, the end all to connect with or follow. None of us are. This is not Hollywood. Our videos not for entertainment, buttered popcorn or a dark theatre, silver screen presentation.

Blue collar, draft horse hardworking helpful, simple real estate videos.

The production starts with small steps. Short videos on the local community events in your burg. That is the flavor, the spark, the what's it like where you live, work, play. And for the outside buyer, new to your area, this is the first watering hole. It's "I need to like your area". "Before I move on to property listings for sale there". That's the process for extending your reach to the never been to your hometown before real estate buyer.

Shoot, capture many local community event videos.

With the sound from the event, the loops to a minimum to save your editing skills for further honing, trimming down the road.

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How Long Is This Maine Real Estate Property Sale Gonna Take?

The time needed to go from listing to selling a Maine property, how long is this process going to take?maine fire photo

Like lots of things in life, the speed, ease of the sale depends on many factors.

It starts first with do you the Maine real estate seller really want, expect to sell?

I have seen many over priced property owners on their third and fourth agent, broker.

Convinced, label themselves as highly motivated to sell. Just ask them. Saying they will do whatever it takes to move the listing. But with a hopelessly over market price tag hanging off the property, that never moves, changes. Nothing has, nothing will happen to help the property sale.

The price not being routinely studied, adjusted and brought in line to reflect what is occuring in today's local real estate market. Means it will sit.

Mold, rot, stink. No fire of desire burning. It's much like stalled or wrecked accident cars on a very busy, multi lane highway wreak havoc with the flow of traffic.

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Cheap Maine Homes With Lots Of Land.

The request comes in over email servers, the phone and through office visits for cheap Maine homes with lots of land.

It is a given that properties are lower cost in Maine. And with less people, the default is more Maine land. Just how it snowmobile1works in Vacationland, the Pine Tree State.

The largest state of all the ones in New England. So why the desire for lots of land in Maine is easy to understand.

For too long, maybe most of their life, an out of state or country Maine real estate buyer has been lacking space. Jammed up against neighbors, stuck in slow or none moving traffic.

Looking over your shoulder for crime, expecting gangs.  Not trusting anyone. Second guessing your own judgement in everyday situations. That sounds like living in fear with no elbow room to me. That is not the Maine I know.

But cheap homes, why the desire to not have something big and swanky, to impress, draw envy?

Because that too is not the way rural small town Maine day to day happens. You don't want a mortgage, you learn to not like or do debt. That frees you up to enjoy the no or low cost natural surroundings, recreation. All four seasons. Everything is cheaper, you don't have to have deep pockets or be loaded, flush with cash to live like a King or Queen in Maine. The bare essentials in Maine are more than enough. Because local folks are resourceful, more jack of all trades.

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Maine Town Spotlight | Monticello ME, Aroostook County

Monticello Maine, a town located north of Houlton and bordered on the east by the province of New Brunswick, Canada. 

Meduxnekeag River PhotoThis blog post is part of a series on spot lighting Maine towns. The population of Monticello Maine last head count from the US Census in 2010 was 790.

Same as ten year prior. Pretty stable town.

Like most Aroostook County townships, the shape is a square six by six miles.

To the north of Monticello Maine is Bridgewater. The unorganized township of Township C Range 2, on the west. At the door, the gateway to the Northern Maine wilderness.

A handful of sporting, woods recreational camps on the Meduxnekeag River that wanders through Monticello provides all kinds, lots of four season fun options.

Harvey Siding is a popular spot for a four season recreational camp location.

Where your only neighbors are quiet, four legged, furry. One of many private spots that serve as a low cost place to jump off, explore. From on back a snow sled, riding perched on an ATV or sliding, gliding on cross country skis, hiking. Hoofing it. To head west to Baxter State Park. Further north up Rt 11 into the St Croix Lake region, the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. And other natural attractions unspoiled by man. An ideal place with space to unplug, recharge. Hear yourself think.

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7 Poor Excuses For Really Bad Real Estate Videos

Videos for real estate listings are the easy way to make the connection with property buyers.

Using the eyes and the ears is just more memorable. But seven poor excuses for really bad real estate videos is what sunrise in maine photothis blog post is all about. To make sure your real estate video channel is filled with only productions that work. Attract not repel the customers you need to engage.

To retain, to get a little action from enough of those viewers, listeners to make a comfortable living.  Have some fun and help a lot of people in the service we provide to buyers and sellers.

First, your attitude, the motivation for adding video to the real estate marketing.

Not a slide show with elevator music. Do you have fire in your belly? To produce lots of full motion video with natural sound captured from the local community?

From inside, up, down, around the property listings? Loops of video shot, edited, rendered, uploaded to use in your real estate marketing. If someone pushed you into it and you did not take the leap on your own, your video's shine will be dull. Or missing glitter all together.

Second, the time you spend with real estate video.

If you resent it or try to skip steps in the production to just have it done and over with, strike two. Wrap your mind around this is a better use of your time because the buyer expects it. The property owner, listing deserve the video treatment.

Third, if you tell folks you do video and have only a handful in your channel, better hope Santa does not find out.

Tell the truth. You dabble. Set up the channel hoping for great things pretty much without much effort. Video for real estate is not like that. It wants, expects to be included along with the image arrays, information copy, helpful links, aerial maps. To be a full member of the real estate marketing team. Don't leave it just sitting on the bench.

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Moving To Maine, Relocation Guide.

Moving to Maine and you have questions needing answering before the big relocation shuffle.

During the heave ho, getting from A to B. To get up to speed in this place dubbed "Vacationland" on every license houltonfarms-18plate. So load you up you say with the FAQ on Maine.

To often dispel the myths circulated by out of state hairdressers who have never set foot in Vacationland.

Mean no harm and well intentioned.

But the Maine expression applies about "it's hard telling without knowing".

If you have not spent time in Maine, returned for more, you might not be the best navigator for setting expectations for other newbies.

About what it is like in this state of Maine. The one located, tittering, crowning, sitting on top of the New England tier. Up here in the right hand corner of the country parallel parked against Canada on three sides. With lots of oceanfront, 65 Maine lighthouses on the south east portion of rugged, rockbound coastline.

Maine retirement, relocation in the golden years often the reason for the creating a new home base here. Te top of the list, first question to address is tell me about your weather, climate in Maine. And what about places to stay in Houlton Maine for a little shut eye after the trip here and tramping around the area?

Then the not wanting to be cut off from the online connection trepidation kicks in, builds. Because it is not yet time for retirement and the relocation mean Maine telecomuting to work at the old remote, off site job not left behind out of state.

Where and when, how do you need to get your Maine driver's license, car registrations changed over worries creep into the time table discussion.

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