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The Danger Using Maine Land Cost Per Acre Calculations Only.

What does Maine land cost per acre is a common question.

We field it all day and night long online, over the phone, in discussions in the Maine real estate office lobby. All land like people in Maine, anywhere are all different. maine baby horse photos

BIll Hersey, a long time Maine soil test septic system evaluator sums it up best on his business card.

"Like people, soils are different". Maine land is so so not the same.

In profile, terrain slope and drainage, and location considerations all help in selecting the best piece of Maine land for you the buyer.

The mountian view, pretty Maine farm setting. What are you looking at? Does the Maine land have criss cross power lines going every which way? Or the easement for potential ones hidden in the legal description in the local Maine registry of deeds for the land?

Is it a swamp and what percentage of the Maine land is underwater?

Which is not bad if you are a beaver. But if thinking of building, those soggy conditions can dampen your spirits. Or make the dream a nightmare.

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How Long Is My Maine Home Going To Take To Sell?

The easy answer for the big real estate question about when is my Maine home going to sell?

How long is it going to take to sell this house? So the property owner can move on with their life. Take the next step. boy and the boot photo

Whipping out the boxes to fill.

And changing all those upper left hand corner addresses with a new sticker peeled, applied.

On next year's Christmas card  recipients list.

Like most things in life it depends on the sale of a home in Maine.

Factors, conditions, people, timing all influence the process of list, market, sell. To get to a real estate home closing. Or the wrap up transfer transaction to convey any piece of property in Maine. Not just a home for sale.

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The Renter Who Deals Direct With A Real Estate Property Owner.

The Maine home renter who seeks out, has a little chit chat with the property owner of an empty house.

Rut rho. The property is for sale, the renter is thinking, hoping take the home off the market so he can lease it. For as long as possible. In Maine, home rentals are so low cost to expect for monthly installments that breaking even does not usually happen. boat harbor maine family photo

The Maine home seller who listed the place for sale wants to move it out.

Not sign a year's year and be made to wait.

The renter in our area for homes knows most are for sale, come with a month to month lease period. Don't even bother for longer term.

Those happen when a merchant marine or a not quite retired person says sure to lease it out. That does not need the roof over their head and four walls to move a family in quickly. 

If hoping to get through a Maine winter is on the table, a longer than month to month lease can work for both parties. To keep it heated, plowed out at the renter's expense.

But when the call comes in about renting for a year... have to ask why are we doing that/ Rental income month to month to help the financials is one thing. Long term rental goes against the primary mission to sell the Maine home.

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Bank Repos, Foreclosures Maine Homes.

Bank repos, foreclosure propery Maine homes, need one?

Low cost, cheap listings in Maine never go out of style. Frugal, simple living is the way we shake and bake. Have to because Maine is a small rural state not flush with cash. houlton maine soccer photo

No money to burn and mortgages are not so popular either.

Something about waking up with a free and clear feeling that puts a spring in your step you know?

So bank repos, foreclosure Maine homes, let's talk about a few of those on the current real estate market.

Heads up, looking for one of those? Maybe with a few ten foot pole marks on it.

But that's okay if a few scratches, dents come with the property.

For example, a cute cape, corner lot of US Rt1 and Statoin Street in Monticello Maine. 278 US Rt 1 Monticello Maine home is available for $14,616!

What else can we tell you about the low cost property listing? Well two garages is one perk. The big open deck on the back and vinyl siding help make a buyer excited. So do hardwood floors.

So the job jar, what items written to fix on those slips? The heating system is hot water oil. The furnace froze up, like the bathroom fixtures. So overhaul the heating, plumbing and fix the rotten three steps out front and you could be off and running. Out of the rent rut and into the proud group of home ownership in Maine.

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The Air In A Real Estate Property Sale Can Get Heated, Charged.

The atmosphere, air surrounding a real estate property sale in Maine can get a little heated up, electrically charged.

Not always in a good way. The emotions can run high. The stakes are huge when a listing has to sell quickly and there is a clock ticking loudly to remind everyone involved of the urgency. horse team in maine photo

To get the SOLD real estate sign rider screwed on the top of the silent salesman out front the sticks and bricks.

The Maine home sweet home needing to replaced with a new house to hold down the title.

The new address for the upper left hand corner of the Christmas cards next December.

It takes everyone pulling in the real estate property sale leather traces. But that does not always happen. Not a given that things goes smoothly, without a hitch or snag. 

The divorce of the two property owners going through a split up, breaking up the Maine household. Those listings take extra care, lots of tough skinned, tender hearted treatment to get to the closing conference room.

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Buried Fuel Tanks When You Are Buying A Maine Convenience Store Business Property.

Buried fuel tanks, underground and lurking, making the new buyer of a Maine convenience store property listing wonder.

About are they in compliance, safe, up to speed current regulation wise. Or leaking, leeching petroleum products into the soil and area ground water. Causing a time bomb ticking spill that will be costly to clean up. And hazardous to nearby streams, waterways and drinking water in area private wells.maine potato fields maine photo

Have a Mom and Pop convenience store for sale.

The buried underground gas tank is buried, a 12,000 gallon jacket one with two compartments for fuel.

A 3,000, 9,000 gallon variety put in around 1994.

Not being used, needs to come out of the ground. Which means a licensed buried underground tank remover/installer professional is needed to over see the operation. To protect the Maine environment and keep it clean and all natural.

The two companies that did most of the 1990 underground, buried gas tanks that supposedly had 30 year warranties are out of business.

This according to a conversation with Ted Scharf at the Maine State Department Of Environmental Protection Agency in Augusta. Nice guy that outlined the steps needed and dug out the file to take a looksie at the process ahead. Shared the history of the site in addition to helping develop a plan to improve the situation for the new Maine store buyer.

To do it by the book, but also without spending money like a drunken sailor in the dig the hole, check the soil, figure out the next best solution for having gas petroleum products to pump into cars, trucks, snow sleds and ATV that all pass this busy US Rt 1 location.

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Questions Maine Real Estate Buyers Ask ...

Day in and out, certain questions are asked by Maine real estate buyers.

Beyond just where is the best financing for a home loan on a Maine property kind. The relocating, moving to Maine real estate buyers have lots of area questions. A lot of them around the weather in Maine. maine ducks photos

To dispel the myths their hair dresser or barber whipped up in their head to worry and fret over.

So we have to assure the callers, emailers, the lobby real estate visitors that no, Maine does not have igloos, polar bears. That it is not dangerous being this close to Canada. And one by one, we address what they have been told by someone that has never been to Maine either.

But what else comes up in the conversations about properties for sale in Maine?

Around the chit chat and emails, another theme from out of state Maine real estate buyers is bad areas. Are there some towns to avoid or that are better or worse to invest in? Because where they are leaving with lots of people as far as the eye can see in every direction, there are burgs that shine or pale in comparison.

In Maine the small rural towns are scattered, all unique in their own special way. There are no bad areas or places to avoid. The concern becomes purely geographical. Determined by the dashboard odometer reading final count every trip you make to and fro, to this and that.

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Like Using A Medical Operation On Real Estate From 1953.

Listing, marketing, selling Maine real estate is serious business.

And like most industries, reinventing, keeping up to do the list and twist to get to more property closings is constant. fireplace in maine photo

There was a time for a Maine waterfront or farm, land listing that placing an ad in an out of state newspaper or Mother Earth News type publicaton would be warranted.

And other than direct mail to catalog readers back when we were Strout Realty, it was all about local presentations.

So an expensive real estate ad in the Hartford Courant, Boston Globe, New York Times or Wall Street Jounral was part of the moving the chess pieces.

For the check Mate caused buy the heavy duty not much else available advertising big bang for your buck options.It was easier to pick the real estate marketing weapon years ago. Not many to pick from in the reach for advertising turbo to increase exposure outside the local real estate sandbox.

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What's Missing In The Real Estate Information On A Property Listing?

What's missing when you are searching for property listing information?

What was left out of the write up, the brochure in the marketing of the real estate? Plenty in most cases unfortunately.

There are still many working in the real estate trenches that believe only take a buyer houlton maine sports photoserious if.

Only when they darken the door of the agency office.

Or are physically nearby by for the take a peek.

To go see, hear all about it during the walk through.

Or with Maine land, the tramp  and hike around the perimiter, criss crossing the interior acreage.

For the walkie talkie, how does it fit. Study the plat maps, soil tests, forestry reports. The what do we have here process flushed out to learn more. One by one scoping out the real estate listings for sale in the market today.

Part of the problem is the limited statewide MLS yes, no, maybe.

The fields of numbers and one word explanations. To quickly mass introduce the properties for sale to the audience on the hunt. But every property like describing people is not something you can do in a few words or numbers.

Many real estate portal information platforms are limited in property, rich local detail fields.

You don't get answers for questions you don't ask in life right? The fields they do have are often CA  or WA geared for the west side of the country. Big city not small town country living which shake and bakes not quite the same one size fits all.

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Farm Land, Wood Lots In Maine For Sale.

Farm land in Maine, woodlots, property with some size and heft to the acreage.

Many real estate markets revolved around only one major flavor of homes and houses for sale. Maine is rural, wide open, under populated. The land in Maine for sale is undervalued. Bigger supply makes the prices tags lower to the ground. The property acreage of Maine land easier to buy.farming living of the maine land photo  Are definitely low hanging fruit for sure.

Especially due to owner financing of Maine land.

Easy installments monthly to eventually get to the free and clear feeling.

The mortgage burning party when the last payment on land in Maine is sent in.

And the discharge of the mortage on the real estate acreage is recorded in the local land registry of deeds.

Land for farming, wooded acreages for timber value.

Harvesting the resources on either kind of land in Maine done with thought and patience makes the investment sweeter. Maine land is fertile, whether using it for livestock or planting a ground crop.

Or working with a forestry plan to manage the Maine land to the maximum return. And to be a good steward of the natural resources around the land in Maine.

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Changing Real Estate Gears, Replacing Your Home.

Where I live and list, market, sell (repeat) the real estate property listings are so under valued.

Solid deals in the what's for sale happen around the clock. Are no fluke or blue light special. So when the time in a person's life calls for changing the real estate gears, it is often way way cheaper to replace the sticks and bricks. maine home christmas photo

Especially when the house is just too big and rambling now that the family is gone.

Instead of overhauling and modifying the home in Maine.

To make it fit the loss of mobility or bump it up to five star handicap friendly. If the property has been let go too far. So the cost to fix is beyond the end result value, it is like the old car with just too many miles reading on the dashboard.

Yes, it pains you to make the decision. You are attached to what's riding or sagging, listing sideways on the four tires.

Sitting and waiting out in the driveway or parked in the cold dark garage. Because the old girl has been through thick and thin with you. You feel an obligation to keep her alive and in service.

But back to the low low priced homes in Maine.

Cheaper to switch it up. Not because we are in a throw away society. Because Mainers are extremely skilled at being thrifty, frugal.

But the fact remains lots of other housing stock for little money is out there to change it up. Try something new and an entirely different experience. For what you put on, slide into for real estate property to call your new home base. 

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Mobile Friendly Maine Real Estate Sites, Visit MOOERS REALTY !

Getting information for real estate listings in Maine, our MOOERS REALTY website is mobile friendly.

Just what you need on a hand held device. Smart phone, tablet, whatever works best. When not sitting up straight in front of the eerie glow of a desktop computer. Or feet up in the air, the body pretty much reclined horizontally with a unfolded working laptop. mobile friendly real estate websiteAccessing real estate properties for sale in Maine means the site better be Google approved, mobile friendly.

Not just for the property buyer on the hunt for a listing that meets their check off of requirements. But because search engines want optimized web sites that are use responsive layouts, that are mobile friendly.

Streamlined, wind tunnel sculptured. Quick and easy and missing the sharp edges, any obstacles to getting real estate property listing information.

Any media stream that is mobile friendly, that does that stop and go quick like a bunny is going to get fantastic results.

Avoid loss of frustrated customers. Who's time is more important than my own. If you take the "can I help you and how today" seriously. Which for over 35 years of real estate in Maine service, we sure do.

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Shooting Real Estate Images, Video To Use In Property Listing Marketing.

When you work in Maine real estate listing, sales, cameras to do the job are very important.

I own a slew of them. Some because new technology opens up better shooting ware to slide into the marketing holster. Of both types. The still kind, the video variety to shoot to edit and upload the full moton and audio loops.

So sometimes using one camera over another can change the final presentation of the property listing in Maine for sale.

Because like any tool, like people, the cameras for real estate listing, selling all have their own special set of features and benefits. mt katahdin maine mountain photo

The post editing can be greater impacted with some cameras used in real estate presentations too.

The windows can bleach or bleed hotly and require more time in photo stop to correct and balance the still captures as well.

With real estate video shooting, the tweaking after the fact means more time and thought put into the up front raw capture of the scenes works best. Lighting, angle, weather affect how all the pieces go together.

For a tailor made fit that is so important. For how easy the show and tell is or is not on the other end of the signal. 

The Maine weather impacts the final product. Creates those situations of if you could just wait one more day to shoot. Or when you should have shot and collected with the cameras at an earlier time.

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Easy Does It On Your Real Estate Agent, Broker, REALTOR.

The listings for a piece of Maine real estate come in fast and furious in the spring.

We get properties on the market year round and real estate listings sell all four seasons. Because life works that way, round the clock, the calendar. dairy bar ice cream maine photo

But spring is the flood gate of here we go.

Because some still hold on to the myth that properties in Maine don't sell in winter.

Sometimes a property owner does not use email, the phone call, a letter to make the connection to get the property on the market.

But a personal visit to the office beehive happens.

And the dialogue in the original meeting starts with how poorly my last real estate agent, broker, REALTOR performed.

Not just disappointment salt and peppers the conversation as you the real estate professional ask the twenty questions about the property, owners situation.

The seller is way way more than a little ticked. But upset royally with brand X that he had listed with before darkening your lobby agency door. Expects you will pick up a stone to lob into the fray. Assumes you enjoy it.

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Financing, Your Maine Home Mortgage Loan | Where To Start.

A Maine home loan mortgage, you are starting to think you better be looking into getting one.

To get a roof over your head. To climb out of the rental rut and stop feeling like a gypsy. A vagbond is a lonely life. Leasing not ever owning a place is not how your story is suppose to read. For the happily ever after the way you want it written, to end. george washington market square photo

To leave mornings for work, return at night to the home sweet home in Maine.

Is that the mission being planned?

On the front burner but where to turn, what to do about it. Where to start? Welcome, we're glad you dropped in. Are here to help with financing your Maine home, getting a mortgage for a house loan. Finding the right fit property listing in Maine that works.

In Maine the real estate prices are always low to the ground.

Especially the further north you head into Vacationland. Low hanging fruit is the norm so the cost of money, getting an affordable deal is easily too.

Unlike areas of the country with six and seven zero places to be filled on the property listing price tags, Maine is a place where debt is viewed as unattractive. High price living goes against the grain of simple, easy does it. Less is more than enough.

Head over heels, drunken sailor like loose as a goose spending. Not like that in Maine where impulse spending control happens.

Debt is not handled casually and folks want to have a Maine home mortgage for the shortest time possible. Or not at all. So they can live free and clear. Be debt free. It is the corner stone of being Maine frugal. Getting more surviving on less. Mainers are all over that with a keep it simple life approach.

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Real Estate That Is A Bargain, But The Property Does Not "Fit".

You know the feeling when you see a deal on the clearance rack, online under the sale section and the low price excites?

Until you explore the sizing and realize "not available" or "out of stock" shows up in the size you need. And for a moment you wonder if the plus size, petite or whatever that are available could work. maine photos

The most common sizes are gone and often the misfit island less popular ones that are on sale are for a reason.

Less of the Maine property listing buying audience can make them work.

In real estate eenie meenie miney moe the same thing happens.

The low cost property Maine real estate listings that seem like a steal.

But then realizing the cost of a new furnace, fixing the damage from the leaking roof that should have been replaced three years ago. All that enters the gray matter considerations. Makes you say "pass" or "next". Not even "maybe".

Liked the property listing price, but the what is missing hard to swallow. Can you live with the good, bad, the ugley that is a consideration in all of life. Real estate that does not fit. The property listing that does not work for your current life season.

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Getting Ready For Spring Real Estate Listing Your Property.

Real estate in Maine, anywhere sells year round.

Because people's lives work that way. All calendar long without black out dates. All four seasons but spring seems to be the time many home owners believe is the houlton maine photosstarting line.

To lace up the running shoes, dig in, wait for the whistle, the gun shot.

To put on the push to get the property listing for sale in motion.

The important things to do when selling your property.

Remember it is about focus. To keep your eye on the moving ball.

Before the declutter, clean up and replace the dead light bulbs. Lots more besides spring cleaning to make it smell fresh, sparkle brightly.

Buyers for real estate make mistakes too. Often tied to timing., They want to buy, but after finding the house of their dreams learn they are not in a position to because of loose ends. Lots that they did not know about.

Because buying a home, selling a house too is not something that is done on a regular basis.

Lots can go wrong in the sale of real estate. Just the process that like many industries is more techincal and complex. Way beyond the skill sets of even a Jack of all trades.

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Properties In Maine With Wow Factor, But Harder To Sell Listings.

The properties in Maine for sale that have lots of oohs and ahhs.

But the real estate listings that are harder to sell because reality sets in. We list all kinds, prices, locations of real estate but every once in awhile, the ones that make the phone ring off the hook can be tougher sales.farming living in maine photo

The listings in Maine that pour in like a swanky, stylish victorian are evidence the marketing is working.

But the conversion to a real estate sale from the initial property listing blurp is the quirky part.

Always wanting to own a property in Maine like this warm and fuzzy honey moon period can turn to "no thanks".

Not in love with the place anymore happens.

"Next" shouted.

The cost to heat all the space, the work needed to bring the property up to snuff with a local Maine bank lender. Those practical concerns when the real estate that makes the heart throb stronger. They one by one weigh in and can put the brakes on the Maine real estate sale.

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When Is The Best Time To List, Sell Your Property In Maine?

The best time to list, sell your property in Maine is when?

All year long, anytime you are needing to sell or no longer use. Get it on the market. But what about a seller thinking that he would not want to buy in the winter? Or a hair dresser, barber who argues no one purchases a property when there is snow on the ground? maine yatch home photo

Ask the property seller when they have to move, the buyer too the same question.

You will get all the months covered in the answers.

No one wants to have to wait as a buyer.

As a seller paying to heat an empty property listings or keep it plowed out, insurance, the taxes current. You want to if the tenant is making a good income trail and you as the owner is fence straddling pon selling anyway.

The opposite time watching happens when the property listing owner find another listing that catches his or her fancy online. And is ready to pounce on it but nailed to the floor. With having to sell his property listing first and foremost.

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Home Layout, Floor Plan For Better Living Design | Maine Home Building.

When spring is in the air, thoughts turn to real estate vacand land, house building on  lots in Maine.

The changing where Mickey's little hand is at always leads to dreams of building homes on Maine land. The pick up in calls, emails, office visits of Maine building lot buyers that  come in. sun rise in maine photo

Building to get what you want in a house floor plan, the maximum for your square footage in the new Maine home.

It is usually from experience.

When you roll to the side, secure with something heavy the house blueprints or home grown house design floor plan. What's inside and out of the design. Of what you liked where you have lived and all that you did not.

Poured into the scouring over the detailed floor plan sets for the contractors.

That are assembled, invited to the house building party exercise on your Maine land.To get a home, what is needed at this stage or season of your life. Doing lots, some or nothing on your own. It's your wallet or purse right?

The right floor plan for your new home in Maine changes because your life does.

The number of people under that roof, how you use what is inside and outside those four walls comes into serious consideration.

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