Low Cost Maine Real Estate Property Listings

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Maine real estate, property listings are lower cost.  

maine67Wouldn't you like to get more Maine property without opening your wallet too wide? Due to our less expensive Maine real estate, home mortgage payments are easier to make.

All our properties from Maine land, farms, waterfront and homes cost less.

Places, properties get paid off quickly too. Mainers do not like to owe money or be swimming in debt. We sleep better nights knowing we are not up against it with bills.

Our fun, Maine recreation does not involve spending any or very much money either. Four season outdoor living the big reason to be here. The natural backdrop everywhere you look in "Vacationland". 

When you live in the 4th lowest crime state, car and property insurance is lower too. Add in growing your own food, heating with wood from your own land. No gangs, pollution. Maine is a rural state offering pretty self sufficient living options.

Whether you buy low cost Maine real estate for full time or recreational vacation use, the cost to enjoy it will not clean out your savings.  

Less people, 11 folks per square mile in Northern Maine means a saner pace of life with plenty of elbow room.

maine78No 200 mile per hour blur that urban population centers are famous for. More day to day fun in Maine "living." Rather than "racing" helter skelter.

We get questioned, asked a lot if something is wrong, how come all the low cost Maine real estate prices? Misprint?

No, urban buyers are just used to, see higher price tags hanging on property where they now live.

The low cost Maine real estate prices are right. Our location a little insulated up here in the right hand corner of the country. Keeps prices reasonable, low cost. Manageable.

No matter if you just want to own Maine land, a vacation waterfront home, apartment rental apartment house or mom and pop business property listing, it's always a low cost Maine real estate listing situation.

The clean lakes, rolling farm fields, deer and wildlife infested woodlands make Maine the perfect backdrop for any event. Whether retiring, moving, relocating to Maine or investing in recreational property, you find also like what you don't find here.

No traffic, no pollution, no crime, no high priced Maine real estate. maine85

Kids start early with entry level jobs. Helping Maine potato farmers, blueberry raking, fishing to earn their keep. Have spending money jiggling in their pockets.

Maine kids feel more connected to the families they contribute to. They pitch in and are not lazy.

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I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers

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